EuroPark Continues to Choose Portier– Premium Parking Experience Offered at P-Eliel, Helsinki

P-Eliel is a barrier-free parking garage located right in the middle of Helsinki city center. For pedestrians there are 12 different routes to and from the garage, and drivers can access the garage via two opposite entrances. The garage offers short-term parking as well as contract parking. You can get your car washed or electric vehicle charged in P-Eliel in addition to parking.

Portier space specific parking guidance solution was chosen to serve P-Eliel’s customers already in 2008. Ultrasonic parking sensors as well as parking guidance displays have been functioning well during the years. During the enlargement project of the garage, more Portier parking sensors and parking guidance displays were installed.

In 2018, the software at P-Eliel was updated to Portier HOST parking guidance platform, while the parking guidance displays were also upgraded to the latest technology. What was important for the customer was that our solution did not require replacing all the products since it is possible to do updating and upgrading also to older generation Portier products which makes our solution extremely flexible and profitable.

In 2022, EuroPark made the decision to offer more premium level service to its driving customers at P-Eliel. Portier ultrasonic sensors were replaced by Portier Vision space specific cameras. Portier Vision camera units monitor between one to six spaces on one or both sides of the driving lane and when a space becomes occupied, our proprietary algorithm detects the vehicle and subsequently reads the license plate.

Portier Vision cameras calculate the occupancy level of the garage, as well as provides security information by reacting to any movements around a vehicle and saving images of such an event. Cameras’ audio function can be used for announcements or advertising campaigns, which can create extra revenue for the operator.

All different technologies by Portier are connected to Portier HOST making it easy to operate the parking facility with one login and receiving several reports of different parking activities.

Portier Making the Right Decisions!