Portier Brings Safety and Service in Huvudstagaraget, Stockholm Sweden

The real estate owner and developer, Green Park AB, has been concentrating in parking segment properties since 2010. The company initially focused on Stockholm area, but goals are to expand into other locations in Sweden as well.

In 2017, a collaboration between Parkando AB and Green Park was initiated. Parkando AB provides innovative mobility services, so together these two companies have great opportunities developing profit creating parking properties.

Huvudstagaraget with 700 parking spaces is Green Park’s latest location to be opened which is operated by Parkando. The main garage is newly built, it is bright and equipped with state of art technology in terms of parking guidance. The garage has 300 charging stations for electric cars, so customers are truly in the center of attention when visiting this parking garage.

Portier parking guidance solutions were natural choice for the parking guidance in Huvudstagaraget. This project was completed together with Portier’s longtime Swedish partner AB Blinkfyrar.

Portier entry signs welcome drivers by informing the drivers whether there are free spaces in the garage. Inside the building, Portier parking guidance displays direct drivers in three levels towards available parking spaces.

Portier Vision camera units monitor between one to six spaces on one or both sides of the driving lane and when a space becomes occupied, our proprietary algorithms detect the vehicle and subsequently read the license plate. The occupancy of parking space is indicated by different colored LED stripes. VISION stores all movement around vehicles which increases safety and helps possible damage claim resolutions. Vision Cameras provide needed security around electric car spaces as well in case of a fire. Stored videos and images can be quickly and easily searched using camera id, license plate and/or time span. VISION has also in-built audio that can be used e.g., for marketing campaigns or for streaming music.

If the customer does not remember where the car was parked upon arrival, they can check the location by using a Portier search kiosk’s Locate My Car function, by typing in the license plate number and the problem is immediately solved.

Portier HOST platform features REST-API interface that can be used to export as well as import data between HOST and various third-party systems. The license plate recognition of Portier Vision cameras enables different price options between premium and regular parking spaces if wanted by the operator.

It makes a huge difference if your garage is safe and attracting customers and what is most important, additional services for customers are increasing revenue by creating returning customers.

Portier – Making the Right Decisions!