Portier Parking Guidance Creating Improved Customer Service in Kuopio

Prisma is part of Savilahti’s shopping area, where thousands of people move around every day. A huge renovation project in the area started extending the Prisma outdoor parking area and building a new indoor parking garage as well. The project to renovate the Prisma area has been implemented in stages so that transactions have been as smooth as possible throughout the reconstruction period.

The focus of the reconstruction was to emphasize the ease of visiting the shopping center as well as creating a more enjoyable shopping environment. The new spacious garage increased the capacity of parking spaces to approximately 500 and increased the charging stations for electric cars as well. Cyclist were also considered by creating 300 bicycle parking spots, half of which are covered.

Indoor parking garage is equipped with Portier parking sensors indicating to the drivers by either green or red LEDs about the availability of each parking space. White and blue LEDs indicate parking spaces for electric vehicles as well as disabled parking spaces. Third party system transfers data of outdoor parking status to Portier HOST- a unique parking guidance platform. Portier HOST platform combines the data of Portier parking sensors together with the data from outdoor parking area and status of parking spaces is shown in the Portier parking guidance displays for the driving customers. The start of the visit is smooth and comfortable due to well executed parking guidance creating an improved customer experience.

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