Portier Vision Outdoor Cameras Launched and First Installation in Kulosaari

Effective calculation and guidance for outdoor parking areas remain one of the biggest challenges in parking and parking guidance. Over the years many different solutions ranging from simple induction loop counting to individual ground sensors have been used, but the most recent developments in camera technology and advanced image analysis have made it possible to utilize cameras for counting and guidance of outdoor parking areas. We answered the call from the market and developed Portier Vision Outdoor Camera for the demand.

Portier VISION Outdoor Cameras monitor defined areas and based on the proprietary image analysis, they detect the number of vehicles and calculate the number of free spaces. Space availability can then be shown, for example, in the Portier parking guidance displays or via Portier Wayfinder web application.  

There is a growing demand for park & ride facilities around big cities. Parking areas in the public transportation hubs are busy and can often run out of capacity. In order to serve public transportation customers better, Portier Vision Outdoor Cameras were installed, first location after our product launch, in Kulosaari metro station Park & Ride facility. Kulosaari was the first metro station built when the metro system was constructed and opened in Helsinki in 1982. It is a busy station having two separate parking areas for its driving customers. Portier Vision Outdoor Cameras calculate and forward the information of the availability of parking spaces to Portier HOST platform, which transfers the data into Portier parking guidance displays. Displays are showing the real time status of the parking availability for drivers. The same data can also be transferred to a third-party solution, such as city of Helsinki’s own web system which informs customers of the availability of parking spaces in their park&ride locations.

Portier Vision Outdoor Cameras together Portier HOST, are creating a seamless parking guidance solution – just what customers need!

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