Airport parking is one of the most interesting parking operations from the guidance perspective as it typically contains lots of challenging features such as:

All of these features occur naturally also in other parking settings but airport parking is one of the very few, if not the only one, that contains all of these at the same time. Thus, one could say that airport parking is not a single parking operation but resembles more of a multi-site operations where different locations offer different service levels and customer experiences and where operator also wants to actively differentiate between parking areas. All the above poses quite a few practical challenges including:

Effective and accurate parking guidance can address these challenges and provide tangible benefits:

Portier and our unique range of solutions combines with our unique Portier HOST platform is really a match made in heaven for airports! Our diverse portfolio offers solutions for outdoor as well as indoor areas which allows airport parking operators to select the right solution according to the use case. Furthermore, all technologies are seamlessly integrated into Portier HOST software which means that the operator can effectively manage all parking guidance with a single application.

You can access our case study of Helsinki Airport here