Architects, Designers & Contractors

Portier offers a wide range of solutions for indoor and outdoor parking guidance as well as overall way-finding which makes us a great candidate for different projects. HOST platform offers the widest range of guidance solutions on the market and we are confident that we can meet your requirements!

We encourage all designers as well as contractors to be in touch with us already at the design phase as integrating the parking guidance solution into the overall design architecture ensures that harmonic architecture as well as functional and visible guidance. Furthermore, visual appearance of our products can often be customized to match for example with the interior design.

From the structural and electrical design and construction perspective, if the requirements for the parking guidance solution are considered in the early phases, it offers significant opportunity for cost savings and improved efficiency – all too often we run into a situation where design phases have emphasized standard building technology such as lighting, but guidance solution has been completely omitted. This often leads both inferior guidance experience as well as unnecessary costs due to complex installation and vast amount of change requests in the later phases of the project. Aligning parking guidance with other electrical and networking planning will save a lot of money and time in the final phases of the construction project.

If you are a traffic designer, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss about the different technologies and options for effective guidance – we are more than happy to share our experiences around the globe and learn about your needs as it will help us both to design and offer better solutions.

We are glad to assist consultants to design and specify parking guidance solutions. For architects we are able to provide technical specifications on request.

Portier offers multiple ways of working for the constructors: you can work directly with us or our local partner or you can also install most of our technologies with your own resources. In such case, we will provide training and support for the duration of the project in order to ensure mutual success.