Innovations in urban mobility offers increasing number of transport options such as shared car services, journeys combining different transportation modes and short-term rentals. At the same time, vehicle technology is moving towards electric vehicles which means more demand for EV charging stations and thus real-time availability information of charging stations is more important. Even if the mobility is changing, convenient and effective parking will continue to be an important piece of the mobility puzzle as above trends will just increase the demand for accurate and timely parking information.

Portier offers a diverse range of solutions for both indoor and outdoor parking which is an essential requirement for any smart city parking guidance solution as urban parking typically features both. HOST platform is also capable of receiving data from third party solutions so it can act as central hub for all parking related data independent of the technology provider.

Furthermore, Portier HOST’s unique cloud architecture offers multiple benefits for smart guidance solutions. Cloud and mobile architecture lower the costs of installation as well as reduces the investments needed for network infrastructure. Mobile HOST solutions are also quick to deploy and cloud service eliminates the need to maintain local server infrastructure. Cloud access means also that multiple stakeholders can have easy but also controlled access to the system – something which makes it simple to integrate both private and public parking operators into the same city-wide guidance solution.

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