Parking Operators

Parking operators can naturally benefit from the same added value features as described for example under airports, healthcare and retail but operators should also view parking guidance as one component how they can differentiate against the other operators during the negotiations with the real estate owners.

From the financial perspective, investment in parking guidance is an increasingly important element in the operations contract since investments in revenue and access control technology are becoming smaller due to technology shift to mobile payments and frictionless parking.  Taken together, this means that proper assessment of the guidance investment, including its lifetime and depreciation, can be a significant success factor in the operations contract. In addition to the investment and cost considerations, guidance can obviously also increase turnover by better capacity utilization, shorter turnaround times and via dynamic or premium pricing strategies.   

On the other hand, parking guidance and associated customer experience can be an important component for operator’s own brand image which typically extends beyond a single parking facility. Operators own mobile applications are also increasingly common way to build loyalty and via its versatile REST-API, Portier HOST can provide vast amount of information for visualization of parking availability in different locations. 

Portier HOST and it’s unique capability to seamlessly integrate multiple technologies means also that the operator can have single software solution even if different locations would feature different parking guidance solutions. And HOST also supports centralized access which means that all of your facilities are behind a single login.