Retail & Shopping Centers

Parking is often an essential part of the customer experience in shopping malls and other retail locations as large portion of the customers utilize private transport to reach these locations.

Positive parking experience is important for number of reasons. As everyone knows, first impressions are always the most important ones and for a driving customer they are made upon arrival. When customer can easily locate parking premises and subsequently free parking space, the mood for a joyful shopping experience is correctly set from the beginning. This also paves the way for customer loyalty – something that every service provider is interested in.

Besides providing great customer experience, parking guidance offers also directly measurable value. As an example, medium-sized shopping mall can have 4 million parking events per year and depending on the design, effective parking guidance can save up to 15 minutes of idle search time during worst rush hours. Even if one would assume that on average guidance saves 2 minutes of search time, it translates to more than 130 000 hours of more shopping time!

Guidance solution reveals also how parking areas are utilized and such information combined with information from indoor tracking offers tools to optimize and justify rents for different retail locations. Furthermore, if guidance is based on camera solutions providing license plate information, it offers additional services such as location of the vehicle for the returning customer and if license plate information is combined with other data sources such as demographics or loyalty programs, it can yield valuable insight into the customer behavior.

Seamless parking experience creates loyal, happy customers that will spend more high-quality, productive time in your premises.